Plato’s Life

Plato was first a student of Socrates, and possibly the most influential thing that his teacher passed to his student was not necessarily his way of thinking, but his unfair death. Knowledge is something to pursue, true, but just is a passion most men have already had burning inside them; possibly one of the most […]

Relationship With Socrates

To understand what happened between Socrates and Plato, one has to first understand what happened to Socrates; as a man and a teacher, he was the best up until his death in the field of philosophy. The charges brought against him were that he was a sophist. A sophist is a great euphemism for someone […]

Interesting Facts

Many of the students of Plato went on to be great scientists and philosophers that were also celebrated as some of the best minds in history. His student Eudoxus, a major influence on the minds of Ptolemy and Euclid, developed the system of concentric spheres that became the epicycles of the Ptolemaic astronomical system. All […]

Plato’s Influence

The influence of Plato stretched over the years, throughout all of history. Most of his work survived through the Academy, which he founded when he returned from his undocumented world travels to Sicily, Italy, Cyrene and Egypt. The reason he traveled for so long was after the death of Socrates, his most influential teacher to […]

The Work Of Plato

The literary works on science, art, philosophy, etc., that Plato brought to the world are held in high regard as some of the most notable and influential literature in the history of mankind. Many of his series of Dialogues are discussions of Socrates with others, whether fictional or actual occurrences, Plato never introduces himself into […]

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